a happy blog.

On January 1st, 2010 my dad started his very own blog…bigslacks.

{I take full responsibility for planting the idea.}

He’s on the verge of retiring, has a million and one thoughts running around his head, and has even more things to say. The man needed an outlet.

In his very first post he pointed out this blog, my little blog, is a “joyous one”.  And it is. 

For so many reasons.

While I do have a lot of negativity in me trying to surface, the one place I will not let that happen is here.  Right here.  Because I don’t want to.  This little blog is my happy place.  Where I come to share my mundane thoughts…my silly little recipes…and photos upon photos of my world.

And although my days are full of pessimism and negativity, my blogosphere will always be upbeat and positive.

So thank you for indulging me and allowing me, even if for only a few hours a day, to be positive.

To be positively happy.



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4 responses to “a happy blog.

  1. I agree, friend. Le blog is for happies, not for frowns.
    As you know, I let things get to me too. I am not optimistic. But I am not pessimistic. I am realistic. Write that in your little black book. 🙂

  2. rhooby

    i think you overstated your negativity. you’re pretty much an upbeat, happy person. every now and then things make you mad or crazy, but that’s normal. and your blog rocks! it’s always a happy, fun place.

  3. we should all blog that way!

    (i tend to fast click away from the negative ones anyway)

  4. katie o.

    holymama! I totally agree. Our world is already too negative as it is…a little happiness now and again goes a long way.

    so glad you stopped by!

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