2009 comes to a close

It’s hard to believe that another year has ended.

I’m older, but not necessarily wiser. Maybe with a few more gray hairs and a lot more wrinkles, but overall, relatively unscathed.

And although 2009 proved to be an incredibly difficult year across this beautiful country, I think we’ve all come through it stronger, happier, and better for it even if we don’t realize it quite yet.

And you…you five people out there who stop by regularly, thank you. Your comments, well wishes, and simply your words entertain me daily. I thank you for that.

I hope you all have an incredibly happy and prosperous new year.
Here’s to 2010!

{song is “living in twilight” by the weepies}



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10 responses to “2009 comes to a close

  1. Slide show is awesome. Happy New Year!

  2. I love your slideshow! Was that LO from The Hills? Happy 2010!

  3. katie o.

    Thank you guys! It was my first attempt at a slideshow. I think my new years resolution for 2010 is to take more scenic pictures and less doggie ones.
    And yes Blayne, it is Lo! 🙂
    (I also have shots of us with LC too.. ha ha!)
    Happy New Year guys!

  4. THAT IS SO COOL!!! Where did you see them?

    • katie o.

      In LA over the summer at an event – the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation Carnival. (My sister in law used to work for the foundation and gave us the hook up for about 3 years. Celebrities galore.)

  5. Awesome photos. The snow shots and lights were phenomenal. You really ought to look into making this a career! We’re really proud of you! Feliz Año Nuevo de los Slattery.

  6. Happy New Year, Katie! BTW, I love those doggins!!!!!

  7. What a wonderful video montage, looks like you had a great 2009!

    Here’s to a great 2010 for you, your family and friends… and of course your pets.


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