time to make the doughnuts…


My week-long vacation has come to an end and it’s officially time to join the rank and file and go back to work.

Now I’m sad. 

I like vacation.

I like it a whole lot.

So, to those of you still enjoying a workless week…I hate you sit back in your bathrobe, put your feet on the coffee table, and drink a warm cup of coffee for me.

I’ll be in my cubicle. 

Working on excel documents.

Clacking on the keyboard.

Wishing I was still on vacation.

Is it Thursday yet?



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7 responses to “time to make the doughnuts…

  1. Ugh. Tell me about it, Katie. I have been working throughout the entire break. At least no one is in my office and I can get a lot done!

    • katie o.

      I’m finding this whole work thing incredibly difficult. The concentrating (and staring at the monitor) is killing me. But it’s a short work week so I’ll have to make do. And Susie, go get yourself a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks. I swear coffee makes the time go by faster.
      Boo- I was thinking about you this morning. Thinking about how you were probably sleeping in…for another week. ugh. so jealous.

  2. No problem. I’ll even wear my fuzzy houseslippers in your honor.

  3. Katie – I did. But I’m also painting this week. That kitchen will be DONE by the new year!

  4. Awww. I’m sorry. I am not looking forward to going back to work 😦 Oh well, all part of the new year… well, that and lose 10 lbs, which is part of my new years resolution every year.

  5. I never understand why some businesses go back to work the week between Christmas and New Year. Hubby went back yesterday and Callum and I popped in to see them all (and took in warm sausage rolls from the bakers) and they were bored stiff with nothing to do. In the end my Dad agreed for them to shut the office just after 2pm. Total waste really.

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