merry christmas to me!

When the husband and I hit the road last Monday, we left knowing that upon our return, we’d be greeted by refinished hardwood floors.

Our old floors looked like this…boring, bland, blonde, blah.

(just disregard the cabinet doors)

But now our floors look like this…

And this…

And suddenly, I feel as though I’m in a brand new home. Too bad every little bit of renovation is done for the sole purpose of selling our home.
Until that time, I will be more than happy to enjoy every second of of these floors.

So, merry Christmas to me.



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5 responses to “merry christmas to me!

  1. That’s how it always is. Once you get everything up to par, you move out. Boo.

  2. Oh wow! Your home looks amazing. I can tell you wont’ have any problem selling that. Love that flooring, the grain detail is beautiful.

  3. katie o.

    thank you sarah! from your keyboard to god’s ear that we sell this place quickly. i’m ready to move to the suburbs now.

  4. Nice post. I really liked it.. Don’t forget to update it regularly. I am looking for new updates dying to read more stuff from you.

  5. New floors look fabulous!!

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