the greenbrier…pt 2

greenbriar ballroom

I know I know…Christmas is officially over, but guess what? The memories remain.
Just like that indigestion you got from eating.
And eating.
And eating some more.

And even though the festivities have ended, I still have more pictures to share.
Sit back and pretend you care.
For me.

The other day I posted the sweet treats the Greenbrier in West Virginia had to offer. Not to worry though, I did more than stare at the dessert tray. I actually toured the place. And fell in love in the process.
And took photos. Lots and lots of photos.

rhoob and nancy @ the greenbrier
Meet my mother in law (left) and her adorable sister (right).

holiday at the oblingers 012
Now meet the carpet.
Yes, I do realize this is only carpet, but I’m seriously fascinated by it. Have you ever seen carpet this bold? Now just picture this carpet in a grand ballroom. Yeap, intense.

Meet my sister-in-law. She LOVED the chandeliers. And so did everyone else. By the way, that’s one hanging in the background. {Too bad I didn’t take more pictures of them. I could have bored you with a whole montage of those photos too.}
leigh at the greenbrier

leigh & katie at the gingerbread house
As for the silliness, my sister-in-law and I were just having too much fun with the giant gingerbread house considering neither of us has ever SEEN a gingerbread house this big. It vaguely reminded me of the infamous Chick-Fil-A Dwarf House. (And no, I promise I’m not being offensive. This is a real thing.)

Guess that’s better than trying to eat it..
holiday at the oblingers 014

I think it’s safe to say we all had a great time.
Now if I could just get my hands on those desserts….



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4 responses to “the greenbrier…pt 2

  1. Katie! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! The blog is looking better and better every day (mine is very boring, but I put up the link anyway!). BTW: I advertised your blog over the holidays and you should be getting traffic from several friends of mine and my family members! Tell your parents that I said hi!

    • katie o.

      Hi Susie! I hope you and your parents had a fantastic Christmas as well! And I’m so glad you linked up your blog. I can’t wait to start following it. 🙂

      And thanks for pimping my little blog to your friends…and for the kind words.

  2. Ohhh I would LOVE to go to The Greenbrier! Its shows up in some of my posts because the timeless style of its designer, Dorothy Draper, seems to be especially relevant right now. Thanks for taking us on this small tour!! Happy 2010!

    • katie o.

      Claire, you would definitely love it! In the cute little restaurant downstairs, Drapers, I think, there’s a lovely portrait of Dorothy Draper hanging on the wall. My in-laws absolutely adore the place. It really is incredible.
      ps. glad you like the floors! we do too. 🙂 now if only the rest of my house looked as nice. I just love getting a home ready to put on the market…ahh good times.

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