week18: feet


Feet are utilitarian. They get you from point A to point B. And they are ugly. And gross. And freak me out.
And this week our photo challenge was none other than “feet”. Someone out there hates me.
Plain and simple.

So in an effort to NOT take a photo of feet, I had to get creative. I thought about my dogs’ feet. And since technically, they are paws, I went for it.
And I totally loved it. I did. I do. Because I love doggie feet. They smell like Fritos.
justice's paw

But I’m afraid you guys have seen my dogs more times than you’d like to count, or I’d like to admit. So, I took a different angle. And this is where that angle took me.

weekly photo challenge: feet

And for once in this weekly photo challenge, I’m actually quite content with the final product.
{Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a work of art, but it’s a paw print in the snow and that alone makes me happy.} {Oh….and there’s snow and this Alabama girl rarely gets to see snow.}

Merry Christmas Eve kids!


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One response to “week18: feet

  1. Oh boy, you have feet issues? That’s kinda funny to me. I don’t ‘really’ have feet issues, but I AM feet critical. See, I live in Houston. It’s hot 90% of the year here, which means people usually walk around in flip flops and sandals. LOTS of icky feet to suffer through.

    I think you’re a weirdo for thinking yor pupps paws smell like Fritos. Not because they do, but because you KNOW they do. Sniff much?

    PS: Thanks for pointing me towards Shutterboo’s stream. I love it and I’m already obssessing over brown. Yeah. Thanks for helping my OCD.

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