the greenbrier

In my week of travels, not only have I traversed the entire Southeast, I’ve hit the infamous Greenbrier in West Virginia. If you have never heard of it, seen it, or visited it, then just know these few things:
1. it’s in the Allegheny Mountains
2. it’s a National Historic Landmark
3. it has lots and lots and lots of food.

That last little bit is what I wanted to talk about because you know I like food. In fact, I love the stuff. Salty, sweet, doesn’t matter. I don’t discriminate. And at the Greenbrier there’s no reason to. Everything is incredible.

So please let me take you on a sugar infused tour….
We’ll start with the key lime pie…
key lime pie
Ahem, yeah, there are no words.

Next we have an assortment of goodies…
holiday at the oblingers 003

How about this chocolate cake…
holiday at the oblingers 002

Boston Cream Pie…
holiday at the oblingers 006

Another chocolate cake…
holiday at the oblingers 007

And I’m not even done yet…
just in case you wanted something smaller, the Greenbrier offers the following cavity causing goodies…
Amaretto Truffles
holiday at the oblingers 010

Orange Cream…
holiday at the oblingers 011

and Hazelnut Gianduja.
holiday at the oblingers 008

I guess I could also mention that the Greenbrier is actually an absolutely breathtaking resort that every US President from Dwight D. Eisenhower to George W. Bush has visited. There’s also a great bit of history about it that you can check out here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this culinary tour.
Tomorrow I’ll take you through a Christmas wonderland offered up at the Greenbrier.

Oh, yeah, I did actually do more than just eat while I was there.
Shocking, I know.



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22 responses to “the greenbrier

  1. Note to self… avoid here first thing in the morning as seeing all the deliciousness before 9am is not a good start to the day with cravings.

    I can’t decide which I love the look of more, all look yummy and delish. *drool*

  2. The Greenbrier is spectacular and your photos of their delicious pastry and chocolate delights is a wonderful way to start this Christmas Eve.

  3. I have been to the Greenbrier many times in the past and the dessert photos roused my memory from the morning fog of vacation. I also remember being at the Spa. My recollection along with amy other beautiful recollections is that they had the only tub that was so long that my 5’10” frame would have been completely submerged if not for the pillows behind my head. I have always coveted that tub!

  4. damn girl – can we say “on a roll”?
    BTW, I want to my put face in all of these. shame on you for taking such decadent photos.

  5. I’ve never been there or heard of it, but I have now! Wow, what a fabulous spread. Thank you for posting this. It certainly has my interest piqued.

    valentine defrancis

  6. wow, Im from Mexico , so , I liked more Boston cream pie , And if there were smell on internet, and of curse , taste it , sure I taste it , by internet”””.
    I wonder , what do it taste to?

  7. Hi there,
    Wow, that food looks gorgeous & delicious! Hmmm… maybe I’ll check out this place (since I’m in DC area).


  8. those look beautiful… what ones did you try and what was your favorite?

    • katie o.

      i’m ashamed to admit i didn’t actually try any of them. shhh…don’t tell anyone. but i hear the boston cream pie was a-mazing.

  9. purrrrrrr….. Thanks for the link to Greenbriar link. It’s neat about the underground bunker. Merry Christmas, Gloris

  10. sweet, and yummy,
    cool post.

  11. travelaholic

    The Greenbrier is an incredible part of American history across many genres of history. A place of healing to “take the waters.” A place for soldiers to recover. The entrance to the Cold War presidential bunker. A vacation place for planters and plantation owners. A glorious and flamboyant design with that design contemporized. Owned by a railroad for a core part of its history until 2009.

    My husband was in the rail industry. And that included some trips to the Greenbrier. I always felt like I was walking into one of my mother’s oft-read romance novels to walk into the Greenbrier. The dress code to be present in most parts of the resort; the evening gowns for the evenings; the extraordinary food; and the sign at night “Shhhh! It’s sleepy time down South.”

  12. Wow,

    Those desserts are my downfall! Oh, I will have to try out the Greenbriar when I am up that way! What a great job you’ve done with exposing all those calories! I can’t blame you for not trying them, but I could not have been in your shoes! I would have to say, can I try that, can I try that….you know what i mean? Hope you had a Merry Christmas….Mona

  13. Hey K, in case you didn’t notice, this post was featured on WP Freshly Pressed as one of the best posts of the day. Congrats!

  14. My jaws are aching – key lime pie is my favorite dessert and I’ve never seen one more beautiful than this. Presentation is everything.

  15. thoughtlesswonder

    I grew up not far from The Greenbriar. It’s a beautiful resort in a beautiful setting. The college I attended was an hour drive from the resort and the dining room had all of it’s deserts for the buffet carted in from the Greenbriar. It was the only decent food in the dining room.

  16. ninjacheeze

    Wow… now I have the craving for chocolate cake! Maybe next summer I’ll visit Greenbriar. Awesome post!

  17. Hi:
    Got to say I’m so thrilled by your intentions…
    my blog isn’t that developed and you may suggest tips:


  18. The orange cream candies are the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Oh, won’t someone make some for me?

  19. kim

    I loved the greenbriar… beautiful. Does anyone have the butternut squash soup recipe from there? Thanks

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