I’ve lost track of the days


Since I spent the better part of yesterday travelling from Georgia to Virginia, I haven’t had a chance to upload some of my scenic shots. Let’s just say that the scenery changed quite a bit from when we escaped left Atlanta to when we hit Virginia. And boy was it glorious!

As I mentioned (somewhere) the other day, the husband and I refrained from decorating this year. Not because we went all Bah-humbug on everyone, we just had no place to put anything as we’re redoing our floors. And speaking of, I wrenched my back Saturday night lifting the couch. Yes I’m 34 going on 82. But I digress. That’s a story for another time.

Anyway, I made it a point when I was visiting my parents to take pictures of the Griswold type decorations back home. I love me some Griswold type decorations.


we three kings


(Just in case you were wondering what those candy canes were dangling from…that would be a satellite dish.)


But even after all of this, I’m not sure if today is the 20th, 21st, or 22nd. Yeap, I’ve totally lost track of the days…
Maybe by the time I wake up (meaning, after I’ve taken down coffee) I’ll have a better idea.
Or…maybe not.



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4 responses to “I’ve lost track of the days

  1. Candy canes on a dish? That is too funny. I hope you feel better.

  2. The satellite dish got some love? Fantastic!

  3. We saw one of those polar bears, they look so awesome. HOpe the back gets better.

    Oh and I would tell you the date but my son Callum gets to about 4pm and changes his calendar onto the next day so I’m just as confused to the date these days.

  4. katie o.

    can you believe it? first off, who still has full on satellite dishes? (answer: people who live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.) second, yeah, there’s no shot of me figuring out what day it is until we hit Christmas Day. I’ll know by the fact that others are insisting we open presents. I’m smart like that.

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