Week17: Road

Big surprise kids! Road was one of the hardest challenges to date! While the photos from the challenger roll were some of the best I’ve seen yet, I struggled.

I tried to get creative with the word “road”. I mean taking pictures of a road is fine, but just this once, I needed to add a twist.

So I grabbed my camera and my mom and we hit the road.
Since I was in Tuscaloosa this weekend, I wanted to incorporate the University of Alabama into the challenge somehow.
So I did.
u of a.
The big A. Okay, so it’s nothing great.

I moved on.
Then it hit me…I’m at the University of Alabama…the SEC Champions…a team playing in the National Championship game. I had it!
The Road to Victory.
stadium dr. alabama
And as clever as the idea was, the product sucked.

So I moved on.
And here are my last two “road” shots. And although there’s absolutely nothing creative about either of them, the manner in which they were taken is. And we’ll just leave it at that.



And to keep you up to speed with this week’s photo challenge, I must warn you, it’s “feet”. Have I mentioned how much I despise feet? They are gross…and disgusting…and ewww. So I’ll need all the luck in the world to make a creative spin on this subject. Otherwise, this could get ugly.
You know, kind of like feet.



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8 responses to “Week17: Road

  1. Hi K, sounds like you had a blast shooting for this project. I went ahead and joined the group, so I guess I’ll be into feet this week. I didn’t realize you were part of a group for these challenges. Was it your idea? I’m excited, bc lately I’ve only been shooting edibles, so I’m def looking forward to this.

    Take care and Feliz Navidad!

  2. rhooby

    oh my, that rear view shot is waaay cool!! and there are many kinds of feet…

    • katie o.

      Touche Rhoob- can you say tape measure?
      And Anamaris, my internet friend shutterboo (www.shutterboo.com) actually created this little photo challenge. It has been a blast so far even if I have whined every step of the way.
      So so glad you joined in! Can’t wait to see your photos!

      Feliz navidad a ti tambien!

  3. I like all of them but especially the middle two. And I can understand your dilemna about making a shot but with a difference. I think you pulled it off.

  4. Kickass, Katie. I really did the rearview mirror. The sideview is cool too but the rearview is kickass.

    • katie o.

      crap. i’m resubmitting my road shot. 🙂
      i listened to my husband and opted for the sideview shot. never listening to him again. ha ha!

  5. They are both awesome. I meant to say “dig” not “did”. I think its because I’ve tried to get a rearview shot but it hasn’t worked. Driving and using a camera really don’t work well together. Mental note. Speaking of mental, I’m going mental… 2 days!!

  6. My husband hates feet, too. I always laugh when he says that because I think, it’s not we’re talking about morgue photos or something – just feet. LOL all well – I see that he isn’t alone. Enjoy the next project anyway! 🙂

    Kristin – The Goat

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