christmas, christmas time is here…and there

This year will be my first year ever not spending Christmas with my parents and sister in Alabama.  Instead, the husband, two border collies, and I will be making the trek to Virginia.  That is, if the roads are passable.  Apparently, the jury is still out on that thus far.

I decided that I couldn’t skip some part of Christmas with my parents, so I headed down I-20 for a jam-packed holiday fun-filled weekend. I know it’s not the same as spending the actual day with them, but I think they still were glad to see me nonetheless.

So in an effort to complete 42 different tasks, mom and I ran around like wild banshees.

We bought everything on the gift list.
She made her incredibly to die for peanut brittle (recipe and directions to follow).
I managed to spend a little time with my granddad.
We watched Julie and Julia (ahh… precious).
And we managed to drive around to check out the Griswold decorations in the ‘hood.
Oh…and we ate.
And ate.
And ate some more.

And I took pictures. Entirely too many pictures.

And because this year we, the husband and I, opted not to put up decorations {sad}, I was lucky enough to enjoy my parents’ Christmas decorations.

self portrait
(and I even managed to snap a self-portrait.)




bowl of ornaments
And this photo just makes me happy. Oh and look! Another self portrait!

So we’re now into the home stretch of Christmas. I hope everyone is happy, mellow, and completely done with their shopping.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear the egg nog calling my name.



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5 responses to “christmas, christmas time is here…and there

  1. rhooby

    are you kidding me that you put up no decorations???? i’m going to cut you some slack because i know you’re in “remodel” mode.

  2. i told you, sad. we just had nowhere to put anything because of the downstairs re-do.

    that’s why i’m going to enjoy the heck of out of your decorations. 🙂

  3. amyb

    LOVE the self portrait. Got quire a talent there missy!

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