crumb {a bakery}


Crumb {a bakery} may just be the new love of my life.

Crumb is a new bakery here in Atlanta and is the brainchild of the most lovely person ever, Sabrina.

Not only is she a fantastic photographer, she’s a blogger, and now she’s a baker.

Did I mention she’s beautiful too? Life really just isn’t fair sometimes.

Crumb {a bakery} really is beyond words. Everytime I see the macarons and cupcakes, my heart skips a beat and my mouth waters.

I can’t get over how beautiful these macarons are. There are no words.

Oh my…
Red velvet cupcakes.

I’m treading in dangerous territory…

So if you’re like me and cannot resist these beautiful dessert treats…and just happen to live in the Atlanta area…don’t be shy about ordering a few dozen of everything. I doubt Sabrina would mind.

And for a little eye candy to tide you over, enjoy



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10 responses to “crumb {a bakery}

  1. you know sabrina, too? this town is getting SMALL 🙂

    i know sabrina through my boyfriend, mike. he used to work with her and/or her husband – maybe both. don’t remember. anyway. sabrina really IS lovely. she donated macarons to my Menu For Hope prize, which was quite a treat. Looking forward to tasting the goodies she makes.

    – t*

    • katie o.

      This world is insanely small! I saw on your site where she’d donated a box of macarons. I am almost convinced that her treats are too pretty to eat!

  2. rhooby

    WHY ISN’T THERE SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN CHARLOTTESVILLE????? of course, i would weigh about 250 – with no shame…..

  3. I think I just turned into Homer Simpson when he thinks of beer…. droooooooooooooooooollllllllll.

  4. This place looks fantastic!

  5. Tegan

    Those macaroons deserve their own glass case. Right inside my mouth. xD

  6. uuuugh why must you torment me so?? I WANT THOSE MACAROONS AND I DO NOT LIVE ANYWHERE NEAR ATLANTA!


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