Christmas Gift Idea – Stationery

Teal Bird - Note Cards

I’m one of those few people who loves the simplicity of letters.  Even though we live in a world of instant gratification by way of emails, texts, and tweets, there is something so sweet and thoughtful in writing and receiving a letter.

Oh…and I’m a total sucker for packaging. 


And these note cards are to die for.

I probably should admit I have an addiction to buying stationery.  Once I bought a box of stationery by Kate Spade simply because it read “watch less. write more.” It had an embossed tv set on the card. I was putty in its hands…

And  I’ve been a sucker for beautiful stationery ever since…

Bright Flower Yellow Orange - Note Cards

Flowers and Silhouettes - Museum Box




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4 responses to “Christmas Gift Idea – Stationery

  1. Oooh they are really pretty. I do think in this day and age it is a shame that letter/note writing has fallen by the roadside. I think we’ve become a world that rushes about too much and so sticks to what is quick and easy… plus jeez the cost of stamps these days… and the crappy postal service, but hey that might just be here in the UK. Still I think I might make 2010 a year where I try to write a few letters to people and not just emails.

    • katie o.

      I love it Sarah! Maybe I’ll venture to do the same thing. I love writing letters even though my handwriting looks like chicken scratch. Oh well…

  2. Lindsey

    I loved that Kate Spade stationery. So simple, yet it said so much. Of course, if people stopped watching we wouldn’t have jobs. However, I am not so sure that would be a bad thing anymore…

  3. Making the note cards by our self to give a person you like is really great. He/She will really enjoy it. You have inspired to the peoples to make these by him/her self and its really good. Thanks for the beautiful idea.

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