Christmas Gift Idea – Mixing bowls

Right on the heels of the Anthropologie aprons, I thought I’d stick with the kitchen theme, since I don’t know, I like food, cooking, and baking so much.  And although mixing bowls don’t sound exciting, I happen to believe they are.  As someone who received the best mixing bowl ever as a wedding gift (thanks Elaine!), I think mixing bowls are in fact pretty stinking cool.

And these from Williams-Sonoma are adorably cool. (Can mixing bowls be adorable? Oh just go with it.)

Melamine Bowls, Red, Set of 4

And they come in several colors…

Melamine Bowls, Set of 4, Citron Yellow

And as someone who uses multiple mixing bowls everytime I cook, I recommend buying them in sets.

The more the merrier.

Melamine Mixing Bowls, Multicolored, Set of 4

And if you’re worried about the cost (since they are from Williams-Sonoma), don’t be.  These bad boys are priced at $38.00.

Did I mention they’re cute to boot?

You know, just in case you hadn’t noticed.



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6 responses to “Christmas Gift Idea – Mixing bowls

  1. apocalypsecakes

    Oooh. They’re like Russian nested dolls!

  2. A good mixing bowl makes all the difference. I snagged a great set a year or so ago with rubber bottoms to keep from slipping. The spatula glides around the bowl like butter on a hot skillet. The only drawback is they are kind of heavy – so it takes some juggling to get the mixed stuff in a pan.

  3. milkcow

    I also like those bowls, but $38 is a little expensive. I found a similar set on was $29.6. I think it is cheaper.

  4. I have a weakness for mixing bowls, especially ones in pretty colors. I actually received this set as a wedding gift, but my husband “suggested” that I return them since I already owned 3 sets. He didn’t know it was all about the rubber bottoms…

  5. katie o.

    It is! I have white ones, stainless steel ones, and my most favorite that I mentioned in the post has a rubber bottom, a handle, and a bit of a spout! It’s fantastic. Sure hope you didn’t take those bowls back. 🙂

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