photos are fun

Not to beat a dead horse, but I love taking pictures. Call me captain obvious, but I really, really do. Luckily, I drag my camera with me everywhere I go these days…even to my office Christmas party (much to my co-workers’ chagrin).

And although these co-workers were a little timid at first, the shyness didn’t last long.




As my friend Shutterboo says, cameras are a great ice breaker…
…and one helluva way for me to practice people shots.

It didn’t hurt that I had such fun, beautiful and willing subjects either.



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3 responses to “photos are fun

  1. kat

    I love taking pictures too!

  2. I love Anthropology aprons! Aprons are almost too cute to cook in, but these in particular are actually better looking than most of my outfits!

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