Christmas Gift Idea – jewelry by Tider Design

If you’re anything like me, it has just dawned on you that Christmas is two weeks away.

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t even thought about buying your first Christmas gift.

Basically, I’m hoping that this will be the impetus for me to actually get out there and buy gifts…and maybe do the same for someone out in internetland.

Recently, I have become completely obsessed with the jewelry designed by Tider Design.

Turquoise Resin Starfish Belly Necklace
This necklace makes me swoon. 
Small Ivory Resin Starfish Necklace
And this one makes my heart skip a beat. 
If you’re looking for rings and earrings, Tider Design has that covered as well. Just visit her Etsy Shop to see her full collection. It’s a virtual treasure trove of beautiful pieces.
Like these earrings. They are some of Diane’s newer pieces, very lightweight and elegant, and they catch light beautifully.
Sterling Silver Evergreen Earrings
And this gorgeous ring is her Gingko ring. It’s even adjustable so sizing really isn’t an issue.
Gold Adjustable Gingko Ring
And if you would like to order any of Diane’s pieces, just make sure you do so by December 18th.


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4 responses to “Christmas Gift Idea – jewelry by Tider Design

  1. rhooby

    some pretty things here……..

  2. katie o.

    aren’t they though? i’m so envious of anyone who can make jewelry. such a talent!

  3. kat

    Ooh, I just love starfish jewelry!

  4. Those are just adorable and lovely. Think I’ll have to go have a nosey at the site.

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