The Pioneer Woman- the signing

After sitting…and sitting…and sitting…I came close to faking a Pioneer Woman signature and a photo.
Come on…if I had cropped this photo, it could have looked like I’d really met her, right? But, my friend Christy made me realize that after having spent 3+ hours waiting, it was too late to turn back.

So…we waited…
And talked…and enjoyed some of the scenery Borders Books had to offer.

And then…the dark skies parted….the angels started singing….
It was finally time.
Oh and Ree, I love your necklace too.


And no one told me just how awful I looked. I mean throw me a bone people. Tell me to put some lipstick on. But no, this is the only proof there is and she looks amazing…great makeup, incredible jewelry and there I am. Ugh, there are no words kids.

But this is not about me…
Okay so maybe it is just a little bit..
But I digress.

We also met Ree’s sister Betsy and their friend Hyacinth. Lovely ladies.
And this picture just makes me laugh.
I know the feeling Betsy…cameras are confusing.

I can’t get over how gracious everyone was-
from the author herself to the fans. I guess there’s a reason The Pioneer Woman is just so darn popular.



ree drummond aka pioneer woman



Not bad for my first book signing ever.
Wonder if I can muster up the drive to go to Nigella Lawson’s book signing on Friday. Surely she can’t be THIS popular.



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8 responses to “The Pioneer Woman- the signing

  1. LOL….I posted some of the “interesting” books in the waiting line too! At least we could have been put in the cookbook section or something!

    Robin 🙂

  2. hope you don’t mind if I “lift” the picture from you? Thanks again for snapping it, your pictures are so much better than our IPhone ones 🙂

  3. So I was in line with you, it was worth it. But if anyone did not get an autographed copy I am going to be giving one away next week check it out, should be easy to win since I am new and know one know I am there.

    • katie o.

      I’m definitely going to enter! I want to win one for a friend. I love that so many people are having PW cookbook giveaways. So sweet!

  4. *jealous*
    Just one question: Did she smell like Dr Pepper?
    I just have this picture in my mind that she showers in the stuff just for MM.

  5. Big Sexy

    That girl in the 4th photo from the top in the blue/purple sweater is a total hottie!

  6. Great wrap-up! Loved visiting the signing vicariously – and thanking my lucky stars I didn’t have to wait in line. Not so good a queues…

    Great set of signatures – had no idea Hyacinth was Cyndi. Hyacinth suits her much better, no?


    • katie o.

      Thanks Bush Babe! And yes, living vicariously is good too. It was a long, long night.
      And yes, I think Hyacinth, the name, and the person, is adorable.
      So glad you stopped by!

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