A few words about my puppies

Libby and Justice

As I sit here at my computer, Justice is fast asleep beside me. I can’t stand how cute that chubs of a dog is. Have I told you how much I love my puppies? And no technically they aren’t puppies anymore. Libby is 7 and Justice is 4. I just still think of them as puppies. Probably like parents always picture their children as babies. It’s hard to think of them growing up. (The puppies, not the kids.)

Yes, I love these dogs.
I love that their feet always smell like Fritos. That their tails wag uncontrollably the second they hear our cars drive up.

That they don’t mind when I shove my camera in their faces 200 times a day.
These are good dogs. Actually, they are amazing dogs. And I couldn’t imagine life without them.

libby and justice



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2 responses to “A few words about my puppies

  1. Adorable! Are they border collies?

    It is funny how we think of our pets as our kids and how we talk to them like they are human. We’ve got a cross breed border collie/springer spaniel and while he does drive me totally mad at times I do love him. He’s 17 months old so still a puppy and full of the naughtiness. And you’ll have to let me into the secret of how you get the photos of your dogs, they are just lovely.

  2. Hi K, I asked Dodo, my bestie, to send me a picture of Cocoa to share with you. They may be long lost 13th cousins or something, you never know.

    I do know how you feel about your puppies. I lost my baby earlier this year and haven’t been able to open up to a new one yet, but I’m getting there. I do spend time with my niece and nephew (Kiwi & Cocoa, respectively). Kiwi is the sweetest little pup, though she’s over the hill at 13, but she’s the best dog ever. A very proper young lady who crosses her front paws when she lays. Cocoa… is a character. Him a torture, cuz I know he likes it and he can handle it.

    Keep sharing your babies.
    WP Stalker

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