White Trash Wednesday! Bologna Pate

I’m amazed and disgusted by this recipe.
Namely because I think bologna is the food of the devil. Anything that comes wrapped in red piping just screams evil.

I found this recipe over on Ghost Traveller and I’ve also discovered a whole new world of recipes, old and even older over there.  Go give it a whirl. 

But let’s get down to the really, really awful…


2 lbs. bologna
1 jar dill pickles
1 large onion
mayonnaise (add to desired consistency)

Grind bologna, pickles, onion and add mayonnaise to taste.

Serve with crackers.

(Apparently this “meal” serves a small army.)

God speed friends.

God speed.



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7 responses to “White Trash Wednesday! Bologna Pate

  1. Hi.

    I found your blog through NaBloPoMo, looks fab, with lots of cool recipes and wonderful photos… and cute pets.

    Hope you don’t mind me jumping on board and becoming a reader?

    Also have to say that this recipe… yeah I agree doesn’t sound too appealing.

    Look forward to reading more.


  2. rhooby

    feeds a small army? i pray i’m never in that army… this is one of your best!!

  3. katie o.

    Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for stopping by! And yes, you are welcome here anytime.

    Rhoob- this one really and truly grosses me out. I mean you have to GRIND bologna? Gag.

  4. i’m proud of you for having the audacity to even print this. you’ve successfully posted the nastiest recipe ever created. kudos.

    – t*

  5. diane

    oh. my. god.
    this is one of those recipes that makes kosher eating seem like a great plan. until someone comes by with shrimp cocktail and bacon.

  6. Don’t knock bologna until you’ve had pickled ring bologna! I grew up in No. Michigan, and this seems to be the only place on earth where this is sold. We always had a jar in the fridge growing up.

  7. ew. that’s all I’ve got. just. ew.

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