Fat and Happy, A Thanksgiving Story

It’s safe to say I gained, 5,6, 17lbs after shoveling bite after bite of Thanksgiving goodness into my mouth. As of this very moment, I’m not entirely convinced that I’m not still full.

Let’s be honest, Thanksgiving ranks up there with the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest. Your job is to devour as much food in one setting as humanly possible regardless of the possible consequences. If you’re lucky though, the big consequence will be that you wind up taking a nap…a glorious tryptophan induced nap.

Big shocker, that’s exactly how my day unfolded.

Food -check.

Fat – check.

Nap – check.

All in all, Thanksgiving 2009 was quite the success. Everyone was on their best behavior and the dogs didn’t try to steal any food off of anyone’s plates. Instead, they just looked sad and pathetic in the hopes we’d toss some turkey their way.


And because I’m bloated from all the food (and wine) I enjoyed, I’m going to forgo boring you with more words and instead let the pictures do the talking.

mom making dressing


a thanksgiving setting


Do not ask me what this is. All I know is that there must be some prerequisite stating that something congealed has to be served at all major holidays.




I hope all of you had a family filled, tummy stuffed Thanksgiving!

Let the countdown to the Christmas feasting begin!



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2 responses to “Fat and Happy, A Thanksgiving Story

  1. rhooby

    oh, katie, that all looks sooo fabulous! a real thanksgiving feast!

  2. gitanorumano

    Now it is time to start on the fruitcakes. And, the eggnog so they have time to ripen. William

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