it was a nice run.

About a week ago I posted a story about the Auburn-Georgia game. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the photos I took and eventually included in that post were more noteworthy than I thought.

auburn on field toilet
This photo alone has been viewed over 680 times on flickr and according to friends has been doctored quite a bit too. {Disclaimer: do not click if you’re easily disgusted.}

I thought the whole story of college football players relieving themselves on the field in a tent specifically designed for that purpose was pretty funny. I didn’t realize that just about every other college football fan in the country did too.

My little post was linked up everywhere from Everyday Should Be Saturday to Yahoo Sports and a bunch of college message boards in between.

That spike in readership did wonders for my blog stats….and you know how I’m obsessed with blog stats. One day this site had over 8,000 page views…unheard of for the likes of my little blog.

But now…now it’s back to reality.
Now it’s back to recipes and doggies.
Now it’s back to hopefully averaging 100 page views a day.

Although…I’m wondering if I can make lightning strike twice.
I guess anything’s possible.


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