week13: water

Wouldn’t you think that after 12 weeks of taking photos of inanimate objects, I would start to get the hang of this weekly photo challenge thing?
Yeah, well, I haven’t. 

I mean, it’s water. 

I should be creative with it right?

Well, I wasn’t.  I just sort of lucked out and happened upon a fountain this past weekend after the big Georgia win against Auburn. And here’s what we’ve got…

week13 water

Incredibly harsh criticism?

Please leave your comments here.
Or not.

ps. It’s late and I’ve been on jury duty all week..with no end in sight.
I think I’ve run out of exciting things to talk about here.
Got a topic you’d like to discuss…
email me.
or leave a comment.
I’m thinking I need all the help I can get.



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2 responses to “week13: water

  1. This is a bad water fountain picture but as an erupting mud pond in Yellowstone picture it would be great. Just say that. These mud things have water in them though it is very dirty. Not as dirty as that Auburn outhouse, however.

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