Too soon…

The news just keeps getting worse around here…
First, two molotov cocktails were left on the front step of a recording studio inches from my house.
Then I find out that UGA VII has passed away of an apparent heart attack.

One word – sad.

While UGA VII’s passing probably isn’t significant to most of you, it’s pretty serious to us Georgia fans.

UGA VII was cute.
Okay, he was cute as hell.
And there is no doubt he will be missed.
I, for one, will miss the little guy.

And that face.




And boy did he have a face.



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5 responses to “Too soon…

  1. Lindsey

    As a Tech fan, I can say too that I will miss Uga VII. I enjoyed seeing him on the sidelines and that face was adorable. Congrats on all of the hits to the blog. You totally deserve it!

  2. rhooby

    isn’t this sad?

  3. gitanorumano I saw this the other day and had to forward you it for Thanksgiving.

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