As you may (or may not) be aware, I’ve been sitting in a courtroom all week long. To say I’m in a bubble is an understatement. While some people bring in laptops, I bring my sudoku book and my phone.
My old, non-web browsing phone.

My communication to the outside world has been limited to the occasional text message from the husband.

So far the major theme of the messages from Ash have been about how many people have been visiting my website (thanks to the on the field toilet shots of an Auburn player…sorry, #23). Today though…today was slightly different. Because today’s “text message of the day” was about this.


And when that article says the 1700 block, just to give you an idea of how close my home is to that molotov cocktail…
I can see the building from my back bedroom.

I think it’s safe to say that I can’t move out of here fast enough.
here I come!



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8 responses to “ATL = ATF

  1. So…the photo studio I was working in today (and work in often) is right next door to Grand Hustle, the target of said handmade explosives. There were cops all over, helicopters…but it wasn’t as bad as all that. Very subdued, actually and they kept it contained. No big deal…weird shit like that happens all over ATL all the time. Can’t hide from it, unfortunately.

    • katie

      Which studio is it? Very cool that you’re right next to my house. And yes, weird things are happening all the time in this city. (Like the helicopters flying overhead right this moment.)

  2. Yes they’re over here by our loft near Kirkwood. I work at that studio all the time. Have lots of good Grand Hustle stories. Today was not one of them, however.

    • katie

      would love to hear those stories. ps nice book giveaway. i totally feel like you’re slumming coming over to my little website. 🙂

      • A few points I need to clarify:

        1) Not slumming it at all. Wise blog words of wisdom: you can always lure people to your blog with a good photo of baked goods and some free shit.

        Just sayin.

        2) I don’t dislike chocolate. I just don’t have the primal desire/need for it the way many people – especially women – do. When I stress eat or need comfort food, I turn to something along the lines of a mashed potato quesadilla with cheese dip and deep fried guacamole on top.

  3. rhooby

    cville, baby, cville…..

  4. katie


    Will definitely accept any and all blog pointers so keep ’em coming. I actually used to have a very lame monthly give away, but I think my husband was annoyed that I was spending money when in fact this blog does not make money. Oh well…

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