Another game day in Athens…?


The husband and I headed back up to Athens yesterday for the Georgia- Auburn game.  Now if you’ve read this site before, you know that I’ve already been to two other games this season.  What I may not have mentioned is that while I was attending the University of Georgia, I went to a combined total of 2 games…

In 4 years.

Unfortunately, I married a football fanatic.  Probably has something to do with the fact that he went to a college that had no football team *Cough Hampden-Sydney*. (WHAT?) And grew up with a school that’s football team has seen some struggles over the past few seasons (UVA).  He’s found a semi-decent team in the Bulldogs, this season notwithstanding, and has enjoyed heading up for game day in Athens more than I ever could have imagined.

Now I won’t bore you with a million more pictures of the same thing.  All you need to know is that Georgia won. 

Yes, they actually won.


It was a Thanksgiving miracle kids.

But now I want to talk to you about this:
auburn tent




Want to take a guess as to what this is?

A zen tent?
A meditation room?
A smoke den?

No kids, it’s a bathroom.
On the sidelines.
And I’m disgusted. And so were all of my neighbors. And my UGA neighbors weren’t quiet about it either. They made sure that every Auburn player that entered that tent was warned fully as to how disgusting that on the field toilet was.

One of the players actually made an effort to show some form of hygiene after exiting the tent by pouring bottled water on his hands. Unfortunately, that wasn’t good enough for the Georgia fans as one shouted…

“That’s not hand sanitizer!

That’s not gonna kill H1N1!”

And yet the players continued to use said tent.

And we continued to be disgusted.

And now I’ll never be the same.


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44 responses to “Another game day in Athens…?

  1. eww. can they not hold it until half time? I’ve usually got a beer in my hand that’s what I do. wimps.

    • katie

      Exactly. ps. this post was just linked up somehow to! holy hell. now that’s funny.

      • UGADawgGuy

        Incidentally, Hampden-Sydney DOES have a football team (and an undefeated one this season, at that). My brother played for them when he was in school there.

  2. rhooby

    WHAT?????????????????? in alllllll my years attending football games i have NEVER seen a porta potty on the sidelines!! that’s unbelievable. and i can’t believe those players are that hydrated. i mean, seriously, it’s a football game – not a literary reading. and they didn’t even try to disguise it…. come on, cow, say you’re better than this!!


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  7. HAHA! I love how they used your pics! I bet someone at that game was like “WTF? That woman is taking pictures of that plastic photo booth!” Famous Katie, FAMOUS!!

    • katie

      thanks sweets! today’s been huge! over 1800 hits. omg!!!! i’m dying!!!
      of course tomorrow will be back to 25. oh well, guess i should enjoy it while i can.

  8. RFS

    That’s awesome….and disgusting.

  9. MEP

    All I have to say is.. “Pinch it off.” Gag, I just grossed myself out, then again, I did grow up with two brothers, either of which I could pull their finger at any given moment and get results.

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  12. Kurt F

    “The smell reached all the way to the front row.”

    I really, truly, hope you are joking about that. In all the years I played football I can’t recall a single instance of having to use the bathroom so badly that it couldn’t wait until halftime or the end of the game.

    I pray that this “contraption” does not become a standard in college football.

  13. matt

    the HSC Tigers do have a football team… 10-0 and in the D-3 Playoffs…your husband should be an Alabama fan.

    • katie

      Oh Matt…dear sweet Matt…
      I grew up with the University of Alabama in my backyard. Even if my husband wanted to be a fan of the Crimson Tide, I wouldn’t let it happen. Georgia may not have the same football prowess that Saban and his minions have, but I can assure you that the University of Georgia as a whole is by far and away the more superior of the two.

      I’m just saying. 🙂
      ps. thanks for stopping by!

      • Heather McDonald

        Ya know….you almost had me as a fan of your site….UNTIL you downed ALABAMA!!!! LOL…..I know that we have some rude and crude fans…but as a whole they are….ok, most of them are rude and crude.. BUT we do have an awesome team!!! And to find this site during Iron Bowl week….LOVE IT!!!!

  14. bicklefischerkane

    Only on the internets is the world small enough for people to have heard of Hampden-Sydney. Beat Hopkins.

    H-SC ’03

  15. fmnstr

    at least they were courteous enough to use a portajohn, unlike your fans crapping all over their own campus earlier this season.

  16. I want to know why it is there, and, even if there is a good reason for it being there, why do you need assistance getting in and out of it?

    I would love to have seen the expression on the AU Trainer-dude’s face when he was told, “Hey Earl, you get port-a-potty duty tonight, so make sure our guys don’t come out with any brown spots on their white unis.”

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  21. T-Lud

    Portajohn on the field is nasty, given. But what are those painted folks trying to spell in your first pic? Looks like a couple guys are on their way back from the bathroom (because there is no portajohn in the bleachers) to get back in line for “We Run Shitt.”

    • Uncle Sal

      Back in my day, Hampden-Sydney was an all girls school. Judging from your husband’s choice of teams to support, my guess is that it still is and always has been!!!

  22. PrinceLightfoot

    The guys in the front row pictured in the first pic started off with “WE RUN THIS TOWN” and then, um, anagrammed themselves in the second half.

  23. Brian Miller

    This is pretty funny. As an Auburn fan, I’m amused by the idea. I guess the visitor facilities at Sanford Stadium are that bad. As a resident of lower Alabama, I must say that it will take a lot more dumps to equal the crap you Atlanta sends through the water systems to us.

    • katie

      I’ve been to Lower Alabama, my mother is from there, and have lots of family that still lives there. I can safely say that unless you live in somewhere like Fairhope, you probably shouldn’t advertise that. 😉

  24. Uncle Sal


    Guess your’e right. Maybe I’m confusing it with Rollins and Randy-Mac.

    But my point still stands. Any guy that is a Bulldawg fan just has to have some female chromosomes in him. either that or some male homosomes!!!


    P.S. I played for Ole Miss so I can say that with confidence!!

  25. BARACK


  26. BK

    Why is the trainer looking into the toilet tent while the player is doing his business?

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  28. Cam Bowman

    HEY! H-SC went 10-1 this year, and was ranked number 14! Go Tigers! (The Hampden-Sydney ones, not the Auburn “Tigers, War Eagles, Plainsmen” ones.) And Go Bulldawgs!

    • katie o.

      I’m so embarassed I didn’t even realize HSC had a team. Just don’t tell my husband! And yes! Go Tigers (HSC) and Dawgs! (Even if we do kinda suck this season…)

  29. katie o.

    Heather- ouch! Almost a fan? That one stings. 🙂
    In all fairness, yes, you guys do have a good team, but I love my Dawgs regardless… And I figure that I’ve earned the right to pick on Alabama since I did kind of grow up in Tuscaloosa. I mean 18 years of nothing but Roll Tide wore on me I guess.

    Just know that anything said here is said with love.

    • Jeff

      same thing at the Detroit lions/green bay packers game today. i was sitting right in front of it. so nasty. 2 players used it, both came out with some sort of bag that they threw out in the garbage can

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