The purpose of Twitter…?

Been thinking a lot lately about how much time I spend on line.  Every morning I wake up, take the dogs out, shower, then get on line.

I get to work, spend all day on a computer.

Then get home, take the dogs out, get back on line.

On any given day I estimate that I spend no less then 11 hours sitting in front of a computer. You read that correctly.  11 hours people! But in all of that time of blogging, emailing, WORKING, iTunesing,  and searching, I have no desire to ever use Twitter.  I just do not understand the point of it. Are we all starving for so much attention that we need to share every thought we have, every minute of every day?

Okay… so pot calling the kettle black as I sit here and post my thoughts regarding Twitter on my blog, but seriously…what the hell?

And is there some text book on how to use the thing? If you’ve never visited it, stop on over.  Now try to figure out what all of that code means.




I’m sorry, I speak English not computer code.  Can someone please translate?  And who decided you could only type 140 characteristics? Was it just some arbitrary number or does 140 actually mean something.

Now my question for you is…

Do you use Twitter?

If so…WHY people?  Why?

No really. I’m dying to know why throngs of people love it so much.  I just don’t think I got the memo.



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9 responses to “The purpose of Twitter…?

  1. when I started my blog, someone said – you HAVE to be on Twitter…

    A few weeks later, I was having a dinner party conversation with someone who tweets regularly for his business. In the course of the conversation, I said “I only tweet, because I blog” – then we both laughed….that was never part of our “dinner party vernacular” five years ago!

    I feel the same way as you…. however, if you blog, I think you must tweet (or twit?)….and I too spend way too much time online because of all of it!

    I have to be at a birthday party in one hour – WhyTF am I online again today???


    • katie

      Sandy, I know! Why get online all the time? I think I’m addicted…oh who am I kidding? I know I’m addicted. And I do use Twitter actually, but only for blogging purposes. I’ve got some link up between facebook and twitter and somehow the updates link between the two. And seriously. Who ever would have thought your vernacular would now include “tweeting”. It’s nuts!

  2. I use Twitter and I love it. I started it to follow someone at USA Today and then I got hooked. I follow all kinds of TV critics, gossip sites, etc. It makes it so much easier to just look at twitter and click the links if something interests me. Then they created lists and now I’m able to even follow more news sites, etc. I even started following some of my stations just to see what’s happening in my markets…

    In the process I started tweeting with my friends and now I’m even using it to try and win tickets to New Zealand.

    Be careful if you don’t want to get hooked – it’s very easy. But I’ve also found between that and Google Reader, my web time is actually cut because I don’t have to search a bunch of sites…

  3. Baby steps: sticking with Google Reader for now. 🙂

  4. jpt

    Yeah, I’m hooked on Twitter. I started a couple of years ago because I had friends in other states who I didn’t talk to everyday so Twitter enabled us to be informed on each other’s lives without necessarily always picking up a phone to do so.

    Now, it’s spread like wild. It’s fun keeping up with friends, strangers with similar interests, artists who i admire.

    If you were wondering about the language of it all, each update is referred to as a “tweet.”

    RT = “retweet,” where you repost someone else’s update, either because it’s informative, clever, whatever.

    @ is stuck in front of someone’s username so it links to their twitter. that way you can address someone (they get the notice when you do) with a post or just as a reference. for example, i’m referenced as @joshuapthomas.
    When someone retweets something i’ve tweeted, it’d look like RT @joshuapthomas: blah blah blah

    the # is a just an arbitrary symbol that can be used to group common themes so when searching, it’s easier to find all the related topics. For example, say people were tweeting during a tv show, they can tag it with #LOST. hopefully that catches on so anyone can search for #LOST and find what everyone’s saying about it without having to search much deeper.

    as far as the 140 characters, beats me.


    i think that was unnecessarily long-winded. sorry about that.

    • katie

      Are you kidding me? That was awesome! I admit that I’m not completely ignorant about twitter, but overall, soemtimes I feel like I’m reading a foreign language and not a very interesting one. I do have a friend who uses it for the sole purpose of direct messaging friends since our work firewalls block all email, so in that regard it is very handy. My biggest problem is that I think there are those out there who just love to update the world on every minute detail. It’s overload maybe I just unfollow those people. Yeap, that’s what I’ll do. Thanks JPT!

      • There you go! Just don’t follow the crazy whackos that feel like the whole world needs to know what’s going on in their lives at this very moment. As long as you don’t follow them, and follow people that relay quality information, humor, and good stuff, it’s all good.

        Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to use the baffroom. 😉

  5. lminnich

    I love facebook. I love reading blogs via my RSS reader. Yet, somehow, no matter how many times I try I just don’t get into Twitter.

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