All desks are not created equal

Do you ever wonder what your favorite blogger’s work station looks like? Or am I the only one? I read sites like Dlisted and Go Fug Yourself and I sit there imagining where these guys are blogging. I picture Michael K. of Dlisted to be lounging on his Salvation Army style ’70s basket weave couch, typing away on his laptop, drinking stale coffee and watching all things BravoTV. But the Go Fug Yourself girls, I imagine something totally different. Something that’s clean and fresh and white…something in the style of Rachel Zoe’s work studio.


Now I’m sure you guys have never wondered about my home work / blogging environment, but because it’s Thursday and I’m bored, I’m going to share it with you anyway.

You’ve already seen my 9-5 work space:
It’s yellow.
And not the least bit inspiring. Probably a good thing that I work with excel spreadsheets and Nielsen ratings and not graphic design work.

And sadly my home work space isn’t that much more exciting.

Here I have even less space to work. I have a chair that sits too low with a desk that’s far too high and has in turn caused a painful case of tendonitis (from all the blogging).

Yes, that’s where I blog. And email. And spend an inordinate amount of time on-line. And that’s where I dream of one day working from a space that looks like this:

home office idea

Thank you Pottery Barn for making me jealous.
Can you imagine how much better these posts would be if I had a space like that?



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7 responses to “All desks are not created equal

  1. hahah that’s wild, i never actually thought about it, but you’re right – it triggers curiousity, thanks for sharing your blogspaceeee!!!!

  2. I like that the photo of your desk has the photo of your desk on the computer. Did I say that right?

  3. I’ve had my eye on that Pottery Barn desk for awhile now, too. It’s so crisp and clean. Love it.

  4. katie

    ‘boo- nice catch!
    Mrs. Rev…I’m drooling over that desk. Too bad I have a 1300 square foot townhouse that isn’t remotely big enough to fit a piece of furniture that size. I can dream though…and if you get it, send pictures!

  5. rhooby

    i, too, love that photo! i wish my workspace looked like that!

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