week12: zipper

That’s right kids.  I’m already 12 weeks into my weekly photo challenge and I’m still struggling to get creative with my shots.  This week was zipper.  And while some people *cough* shutterboo *cough* got a little smart with their zipper photo, I stuck with boring and predictable. 

It’s what I know best.

Don’t get me wrong, I contorted myself into some freakishly awkward positions, but didn’t get anything spectacular.  At least I didn’t include one of my dogs in the picture. 

There is a first for everything.

week12: zipper


Enjoy it.

Next week is water and I can’t make any promises kids.



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3 responses to “week12: zipper

  1. I like it! The zippers are framing the shot and draw your eyes in.
    The point of the challenge is to try new things. Like focusing your camera on someone’s chest. Or crawling between your friend’s legs. See, new things!!

    • katie

      Want to hear something freaky? That’s me up there in that photo. Whe I talked about contorting myself…umm, yeah, that’s what I meant. My poor wrist will never be the same. Not bad though, eh?
      ps. yours makes me a little nervous. It’s freaking hot. you should have at least smoked a cigarette afterwards. 😉

      • haha! I didn’t realize it was a self-portrait! Even better!
        My friend did a really good job helping me out on this one. My mom did call me up and asked “who let you do that?!?” Oh Mother. 😉

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