is gray even a color on the color wheel?


That my friends, is what stress does to me. It turns my dry, flat hair gray.
I hate gray.

It’s not like it’s a fun color.

It’s not exciting.
It’s not inspiring.
It’s not young.

And come on, I’m only 34 (yes, I said ONLY). I shouldn’t have gray hair. I mean, I’m still in the prime of my life, right?
Hello? Is this thing on?

So I’m trying to eradicate stress from my life altogether. Should be a fun undertaking considering that my job is stressful.
Granted, I’m not saving lives or anything, but still, it’s got it’s own levels of stress. The kind that apparently turn my hair a heinous shade of white and leave me even more stressed.

See…it’s a sick cycle.

Yesterday I wrote about changing my attitude.  I’m hopeful that this new state of mind will help keep the grays at bay a little longer. And I’m happy to report that day 1 of this so-called positive transformation actually turned out okay.

Is my hair still depressed?
Yeap, but I didn’t want to launch anyone out of a window.

That’s what I call success.

Oh and as for my hair, it will be back to it’s happy random shades of brownish-red Saturday morning starting at 9am.

This positive transformation may help my sanity, but it sure ain’t gonna turn back time.



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3 responses to “is gray even a color on the color wheel?

  1. rhooby

    listen up! it’s easy to change your hair color. i should know…

  2. You’re only 34. I mean, you’re still in the prime of your life, right? It doesn’t matter what color that stuff on top of your head is.

  3. katie

    Thanks Deanna! I think you’re my new best friend. 🙂

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