good thing I walked today

With the in-laws visiting this weekend, there was no doubt we’d be eating well.

Last night was no different. Didn’t matter that we were in Athens, Georgia. Wouldn’t have mattered if we were in Kansas City. All that mattered was that we were going to be eating good food. And eat good food we did.

At a little place called 5&10.

It’s a fair assumption to make that I love this restaurant.
It’s quaint, cute, and it’s local. (not a chain.)

{risotto with lobster and bacon}

{blackened redfish}

Because who are we kidding? You certainly aren’t getting food like this at a chain…

(Not shown: lobster bisque, stone crabs, and copious amounts of wine)



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2 responses to “good thing I walked today

  1. i love, love, love five & ten. have you been to The National, their sister restaurant? also darn delicious…

    • katie

      I have! And love it equally. One of my friends works as a cook at 5&10 so she and her girlfriend make sure I get the best food in Athens when I visit.

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