a place called home


Even though I haven’t lived in Athens, Georgia since 1998, part of me still feels like it’s home. I know it’s probably just me getting all gooey and sentimental, but truth be told, that little town makes me happy.

Ashley and I took his parents up there for Homecoming and although his dad had been there before, this time was different.
It was sunny.
And a sunny day in Athens can make you forget about all of your troubles in the world. Clearly, it was exactly what I needed. Who needs meds when you can take a quick drive to Athens?

Long story short, Georgia won their Homecoming game, scored lots of points, and looked pretty fantastic on the field. But I don’t go for the football. I go for the pomp and circumstance. I go for the excitement. I go for the people watching.

There are no words. These hats are bloody brilliant.

And this shirt pretty much speaks for itself because if you’re a Georgia fan you despise Auburn, Tennessee, and Clemson, but somehow this shirt leaves out the most hated rival of all, Florida.

I kinda forced the in-laws to pose for pictures too. Once I get that camera in hand, I tend to get a little bossy.
Cute, right?

And I realized that this post reads like a Faulkner novel as I have a serious issue with typing in a stream of consciousness type manner. Could be that I had two glasses of wine earlier…or could be that I’m exhausted.

Do you know much I actually exerted myself today?
Hello? My days are spent sitting in a chair in a wildly small cubicle. The most I do is walk 2 feet from my desk to the printer. Not exactly what I would refer to as taxing.
Now hiking through campus today was taxing. Exhausting even.
And now I’m tired. And you’re reading the most random post ever.
I promise though that tomorrow I’ll be on my best behavior.

Brownie’s honor.



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2 responses to “a place called home

  1. gretchensnowphotography

    Aww…I miss it too. I love Athens. I left in 1996, I think.

  2. rhooby

    that day was so much fun! i love athens!!

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