A Friday filled with food.

The in laws made it into town safely today and not long after they landed, we headed to our first eating adventure. Unfortunately, I was ill-prepared and left my camera hiding in my purse. However, if you’re interested…we had a late lunch at TAP…a gastropub.  And although the food was perfectly fine, the highlight for me was the bathroom.  I know, a bit bizarre, but trust me, it was pretty cool. I mean how many restaurant bathrooms come equipped with city views?


So after hanging out  for the remainder of the afternoon with the in-laws and our pups, we dined at Fritti, which might just be my most favorite pizzeria ever. And no, it’s not your typical pizzeria.  Fritti (Atlanta) is the only pizza restaurant in the city, and most likely the south, to have earned accreditation from the Vera Pizza Napoletana Association

In layman’s terms, Fritti is special.




And I enjoyed my most favorite pizza Fritti has on the menu- the Quattro Stagioni.

Can I tell you a secret?
I don’t even bother to open the menu.
This is what I order everytime. And I don’t foresee my tastes changing anytime soon. Oh and if you’re wondering what all those incredible toppings are, they are artichokes, cotta ham, mushrooms, and olives. And even though I devoured half of the pizza a little over 2 1/2 hours ago, I’m already craving the rest of it.

Bad Katie.


Have I mentioned I love food?

Have I mentioned I love pizza?

One day of eating down, two to go.

I’m thinking it would have been wise to have invested in elastic wasteband pants…but I could be wrong.


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