It was a night of terror

In my dreams at least.

I’m pretty sure that I had no fewer than 14 nightmares last night. Of course, I can only remember parts of them.

a yellow jacket stinging a man’s face…
driving down long windy roads I’ve never traversed…
being stuck in jcrew….

Total nightmares.
And I’m starting to think that the stress of work is now manifesting itself in my dreams. Of course, I wouldn’t say that I bottle things up during the work day. That’s not my style. I’m more of a Frank Constanza post “serenity now” type person.

It’s safe to say that you always know how I’m feeling. Probably not the best way to deal with stress, but I’m a bit high strung. So much so that my mom told me I should take a Xanax. And a co-worker said that companies should put the pills in the little tiny dispensers found in rabbit cages. I can just picture us all now…

But it’s just work right? And I really should learn to be more of a serenity now person. So, today, I’m making that effort. I’m making that effort I said. I can’t make any promises.

My saving grace is that today is my Friday. All I can say to that is…
Thank you in-laws!
I owe you one.

Now if everyone will say a silent prayer for me…maybe, just maybe I can make it through the day mildly unscathed.



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5 responses to “It was a night of terror

  1. rhooby

    speaking as an in law, i’m happy to give you an excuse!! and speaking as one who loves you, i hope you can somehow keep work from stressing you. SERENITY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You know what’s funny? I have a mounted picture of me and my pal VJ “meditating” in the pod floor and it has – wait for it – SERENITY NOW! plastered at the top. It doesn’t help.

    Christmas music helps. Taking Fridays off helps too. Sleep in tomorrow!

  3. katie

    Taking Fridays AND Mondays off helps…although I’m already stressing about all the work that is already piling up.
    YIKES! Maybe I do need meds.

  4. Susie

    I do that, too! I will have a whole night of nightmares and it is terrible. At least we aren’t alone!

    • katie

      You are correct Susie! I think we should all drink warm milk or something before bed…I mean that’s what they would do on Leave it to Beaver, right?

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