Week11: Candy

This week’s subject in the weekly photo challenge is CANDY.

Sounds easy right?
I mean why not take a picture of a bucket of Halloween candy?


So I did…because as I’ve mentioned ad nauseam, I’M NOT CREATIVE.

After realizing the bucket o’ candy was far too boring for me, I went to my safety zone.

My dogs.

And this happened:
week 11 candy

Reason #492 why my dog Justice is the coolest dog ever.

I know there’s nothing truly special about that photo, but I’ve put great effort into including one or both of my dogs into each weekly photo challenge. So this just made sense.

Disclaimer: no animals actually ingested any of the candy in the photo above.



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2 responses to “Week11: Candy

  1. You’re totally creative Katie! Love the shot. The lighting is great. Keep at it!

    • katie

      Thanks Ingrid! The new camera and lens definitely help. Oh and did you check out the links on the right hand side of my page? Hope it’s okay, but I linked you up!

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