Making a bad day better

I love to check out where all of you guys come from…

what sites you click here from at least…

And today, this random little site was on the list.

And not having a clue what “survey monkey” meant, I clicked on it. 

It’s a poll.

It’s a poll for “Favorite Local Blogger”.



I cannot get over how cool this is.  I mean I live in Atlanta…in a city of 5 million (documented that is) people and my little blog is listed as one of the favorites?

I’m sorry, but this is pretty freaking cool.

Oh and if you feel so inclined, you can click on that link…

and vote for youarewhatyoueatorreheat.


Love ya.

Mean it.


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3 responses to “Making a bad day better

  1. That’s because you’re fan-freakin-tastic!
    BTW, my Mel made a pumpkin cake last night that pumpkin-haters (ahem, me) LOVE! I need to send you the recipe because it is the shizzle. Confession: I licked the plate.

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