boo…and i don’t mean in a halloween kind of way

Nope. Boo because today sucked.
Can I say that on here?
Too late. I already did.

Some days I wish I was a pretty pretty princess. Wouldn’t life be so much easier?
I mean okay, so maybe I’d be a tad bit mentally unstable, but if I got to wear a tiara and shiny dress everyday, I think I’d be okay with it.

kmslat at halloween

I mean I looked happy dressed up as a pretty pretty princess for Halloween two years ago, didn’t I?

Then again, the pound of makeup I’d caked on my face may have started seeping into my brain by that point. I mean the picture is completely blurred and you can’t even see the shiny bridesmaid dress I’m sporting.
And while we’re at it, my nose looks E-NORMOUS.
Why did I just share this picture with the internet world?
Clearly I didn’t think this through.

Okay, forget what I said about being a pretty pretty princess. I think I’ll just go back to being an invisible blogger.



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2 responses to “boo…and i don’t mean in a halloween kind of way

  1. I’ll do it with you – boo to bad days. Wednesdays are always frustrating/disappointing/super busy/filled with anxiety/cause more work/make me feel like crapola/have me wish for the weekend. No wait, I do that last on Mondays too.

    • katie

      Me too kiddo. It’s probably wrong to wish for Fridays the second you step into work on Monday morning. Really bad. But here’s to today being a better day. It has to be, right?

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