BBQ part 754

fox bros. bbq

We love barbecue.

If I could recreate the four basic food groups you would have:


But not necessarily in that order.
See, the husband loves him some barbecue. After all it is one of the few wonders of the world. So last night, after we left the 1 year old’s birthday party, he decided we had to try a bbq joint called Fox Bros. BBQ. See, it’s not in our neck of the woods and since we rarely venture out anymore and it just happened to be on the birthday girl’s side of town, we went for it.

Yeap, add it to the list of bbq joints we love. I went with my old faithful – pulled pork sandwich and fried okra.
He opted for pulled pork, mac and cheese, and brunswick stew.
Unfortunately, my husband gets embarassed whenever I threaten to pull out my camera at dinner so this is the only shot I got. Good thing you can actually see the food. Otherwise the whole night would have been a waste.

Too bad I didn’t snap some photos of the wall decor because I’m pretty sure it was blog worthy.

Next time kids.
Next time.

Oh and I’m posting stories about dinner time food because I’m trying to avoid the following tasks:
planting 60 bulbs
taking out the trash
folding laundry
cleaning out the litterbox

Hmm, wonder if I can come up with something else to post in the next 5 minutes…



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4 responses to “BBQ part 754

  1. rhooby

    just how did you know i was jonesin for some barbecue? and that looks sooooo good. i’m sure it was yummy. you also forgot the 5th food group – cupcakes.

  2. Lydia

    Um… I was at Fox Bros last night and had the pulled pork sandwich with green beans. How weird!

  3. I’m seriously craving bbq now and it’s way too early for that. 🙂

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