a worthy adversary

I took time today to actually work with my new 50mm lens. Okay, so I took time in between buying a birthday gift for a 1 year old (which might I add was incredibly difficult considering I know nothing of 1 year olds) and getting a manicure (the first one I’ve gotten in months…). I digress.

Typically, I don’t have an eye for what I should be photographing. I really just tend to stop and look around. After leaving the bookstore, I realized there were actually some decent subjects I could attempt to photograph. Here’s how it turned out…



railroad tracks along i-85

Now keep in mind these were the first two things I actually saw after leaving the bookstore.

So maybe the photos aren’t that creative and maybe I touched up the photo of the tracks, but still, I’m pretty sure the shots could have been way worse. I’ll take these as a decent start to learning the inner workings of both my new camera and my even newer lens.


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  1. Frank

    love these shots!

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