White trash Wednesday!

Folks, this one might be the ultimate white trash recipe. I’m afraid if I post it, I’ll peak too soon and will never, ever be able to live up to the standards this recipe will set.

But I cannot begrudge you the opportunity of experiencing it.

It’s too amazing.

This recipe actually comes courtesy of yahoo answers. I  just did a search for white trash recipes and this glorious creation appeared.

Spam Fondue

One can of (Original) style Spam
One brick of Velveeta Cheese (Regular) Style

Place Velveeta in sauce pan and melt slowly.
Stir Velveeta frequently so as to not have a coat on top.
Cut Spam into half inch cubes.
Continue to stir the  Velveeta.

Turn heat to low.

Skewer individual chunks of Spam and dip in melted Velveeta.
Serves four or more.

Told you it was glorious.
Goes nicely with PBR.



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8 responses to “White trash Wednesday!

  1. rhooby

    hahahahaha….. this looks so awful i would love to send it to someone i don’t like!!!!!

  2. katie

    you must tell me when you do!

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  4. That’s absolutely hilarious. Tell me you’ve never really eaten it.

  5. Stoned Frog


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