week9: white

week9: white

I won’t bore you with the weekly photo challenge story again. I promise. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, feel free to click on the icon above that says “Weekly Photo Challenge”. However, in a nutshell, I’m participating in a 52 week photo challenge.

This week’s subject was white. 

Yes, the color white.

Not an easy subject for someone who has no creative bones in her body. 

Sometimes I just have to wait for an idea to come to me. Or in this week’s case, for me to go to it.  See, I started working on a “white” idea the second I posted last week’s photo.  And as I’m sure it comes as no surprise, I came up with nothing.
Then, on my way home from work last Wednesday, I came upon the best Halloween lawn art I’ve ever seen. 

And it was white.

And then you realize that the universe is looking out for you.
And that it’s creative enough for the both of you.
And it might even be just a little bit creepy.


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