Two recipes in two days!

soup ingred

Did your jaw just hit the floor? Did your mouth water a little at the sight of those foods piled together on that cutting board. Yeah, mine did too. Probably because I’ve been sick and haven’t cooked in a week. I’m starting to get hungry. Really, really hungry.

But back to the fact that I’m posting two recipes in two days.
It’s crazy, right? This almost never happens.
Yes kids. Christmas came early. 

Truth be told, this isn’t my recipe either.  Sister took to her kitchen over the weekend and didn’t leave until she’d used up every ingredient in her house apparently. I, on the other hand, took to my bed and didn’t leave until I had to eat.

With that said, here’s what Sister cooked up.

Mom’s Vegetable Soup

2 cans of diced tomatoes, pureed if you don’t like the chunks
1 can of drained green beans
1 small can of creamed corn (I use the regular 15 oz can)
Chopped carrot
2 medium chopped potatoes
Half chopped onion, more if you want more onions
Half package frozen butter beans
2 beef bouillon cubes
Stew beef already browned and cut up
2 or more cans of water (I used 2 to make this pot)
Salt and pepper to taste

The only directions are to cook until the potatoes and carrots are soft.

Super easy and can be frozen.

soup ingred

soup stuff



the soup

veggie soup

Can you believe she didn’t even bring me her leftovers?
I probably wouldn’t have either.



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3 responses to “Two recipes in two days!

  1. lailablogs

    Looks really delicious ..
    Laila …

  2. rhooby

    oooooo yum!!!! is this really lyn’s recipe??

  3. katie

    yes it is. yeah mom!

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