Tailgating Recipes

Since I’m a little under the weather and the creative juices aren’t exactly flowing at this time, I’m going to put you guys in charge of next weekends Tailgating Menu.

So whether you’re a novice tailgater like my husband and me

the beginner's tailgate

or a professional who brings a 5 course meal, chairs, tents, and blender, I would love to hear from you.

Leave your favorite tailgating food and recipe in the comment section and I’ll combine them all for next weekend’s new tailgate menu.


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One response to “Tailgating Recipes

  1. shutterboo

    You know, we tailgate A LOT but really don’t have recipes. It’s more like burgers or porkchops on the grill and condiments out of a cooler. With a bag of chips on the side. Or, if we get real fancy, some macaronni salad from the grocery. Now if we had a decent football team to serve up, the menu would be awesome.

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