welcome to the infirmary

the infirmary

It comes fully equipped with tv remotes, nice messy sheets and comforter, and loads of pillows.
It’s not pretty, but then again, neither am I these days.

I guess I could have straightened the covers up a bit, but let’s be honest, that’s exactly what they’re going to look like until I’m all well and get to go back to my real bedroom.

For about 20 minutes today I contemplated laundering the bedding, but then realized I was too weak to attempt it. Especially after having vacuumed the upstairs.

And to answer your question, yes, I am nuts.

So let’s get back to my new room…
Would you like to see my view?

the entertainment
Oh lord, don’t open that door!

Here’s my bedmate…

The other one couldn’t be bothered. He’d rather stay in the real bedroom where he can watch cars drive by. How selfish.

And this is the beautiful sky I’m missing today because I’m forced to be where people aren’t.


You know what? I think I see a hint of gray in those clouds below…darn. It’s gonna rain.
Guess it’s a good thing I’m stuck inside.


I’m off to watch more tv. Thank goodness for DVR. Now I can finally find out how Jim and Pam’s wedding went.



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2 responses to “welcome to the infirmary

  1. Mary T.

    you’ll enjoy the office! hope you feel better!!!

  2. katie

    mary t- i just finished it and it was hysterical! much better than i thought it would be!

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