week 7:map

This one proved to be tough. I won’t lie. I mean, I don’t own any cool maps. My office has a ginormous world map hanging on the wall thanks to my friend Kelley who found it to be a nice artwork. Other than that I’ve got nothing.

Or so I thought.
Another little nugget of information about me-
The husband and I were married in Bermuda. Yeap, Bermuda. The most glorious place on earth.
No, it really is.
If you’ve never been there, go.
As in now.
You won’t regret it.

Wait, what was I saying? Oh yes, maps…well, because we were going to visit the pink sandy beaches for the first time, people started giving us books on Bermuda…books that came with maps. And thus, the maps project was born.

I started out just laying the map on the floor. It wasn’t very inspiring. Okay, it stunk. No really. It smelled like rotten eggs. So in my attempt to be creative, which I in fact am not, I scoured my brain for anything that might make this boring map pop. Well, it took two seconds for Justice to solve the issue for me.
justice hearts bermuda

But after enduring just a few minutes of my map photo shoot, he couldn’t be bothered any longer and hightailed it elsewhere.

Libby, however, was ready and willing to take his place.
I love this dog.

libby and the bermuda map


libby and the map

I am in love with all of these pictures not necessarily for any creative reason, but because my dog Libby is the most amazing little thing ever. And this one below, is the one I’m submitting for this week’s challenge. Have you ever seen paws so sweet?

Thanks Libby.
Love you.



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2 responses to “week 7:map

  1. rhooby

    so libby wants to go to bermuda!!!!

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