a woman possessed

That’s what I am. I’ve barely had this new camera a day and I’ve already snapped over 200 pictures.
Come to think of it, I’m not sure if I’m possessed or just plain obsessed.
It’s really a toss up at this point.

Clearly I have taken photos of nothing but my sweet dogs. After all, it’s not like I have kids. Okay, scratch that, I do have kids, they’re just of the four-legged, furry variety.

Luckily, they’ve been fairly receptive to their new day jobs as models. Let’s be honest, it’s not like I’ve given them much of a say in the matter.



I’m thinking you can guess which one likes having his picture taken and which one just tolerates it.



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37 responses to “a woman possessed

  1. Yay Katie! So happy to hear you got a new camera! Love the shots of the puppies 🙂 Hopefully we can go on our photo shoot soon!

    • katie

      Ingrid, this camera is the best! It has phenomenal image quality…and I’m in heaven! Yes, we need to get out there soon.

  2. They both look like they’re posing very dramatically, but in unique ways. ^^ You have beautiful, happy dogs. You should be proud of them.

  3. Awe- how cute =D I love dogs.

  4. geminifive

    Cute pictures. The first one was so eager to have his/her picture taken. The other one was too sleepy to bother. Haha.

    I wanna have a camera too.

  5. awww…great shots! I’m desperate for a new camera too. I”ll probably go nuts with it as well when I manage to get one. 😀

  6. I love your photos. I have three grown kids but my doggies are also my children, so I understand. Great photos. My 4th month old rottie is now sick of photos and tolerates (though somestimes I think she likes it!

  7. They are both adorable! We’ve got the same issue with ours…one sees the camera and RUNS. The other us all, “whatever.”

  8. shutterboo

    Looky looky – you are “freshly pressed”!!
    I really think it’s all about the photos – I love that your doggins are so freakin cute! I love BCs!

  9. katie

    I’m going to call it “the luck of the shutterboo”.
    And have I mentioned that I am in love with my camera? It’s amazing. How long should I wait before I get the 50mm lens?

    • shutterboo

      I say get it when you want. Pod-Mate didn’t wait long at all and she loves it. The 50mm f/1.8 is right around $100 so it’s pretty inexpensive. However, I would not wait to get a UV filter for your kit lens. Props to the hubs if he included it in your gift.

      I’m so excited to see your photos as you learn the camera. Just wait until you start using it for your food shots. And feel free to e-mail with any questions – believe me, I’ve already asked all the stupid ones. 🙂

      • katie

        I was pretty lucky and the husband got a huge kit…filters and a telephoto and wide angle lens included. don’t ask me how to use any of that stuff. should be fun times with the trial and error.

        I will definitely be asking you questions. So thanks in advance! 🙂

  10. crocodile09

    cool pups. i love them!

  11. I have the male version of your dog. He doesnt like his picture taken either Several Border Collies I know hate it.

    • katie

      What’s really funny is that the dog in the first picture, Justice, actually isn’t a fan of the camera. The other dog, Liberty, is. That’s why she’s just chilling with a camera shoved in her face.
      ps. thanks for stopping by!

  12. keldoo

    Great shots. They are beauties! And herding dogs rule. Here’s more about my little biscuit, Busy: http://giltfc.wordpress.com/

  13. I saw the picture of your pup on the front page of WordPress and had to click. Looks just like my Aussie Cody – Now I see your blog and I think I found my WordPress twin – cupcakes, dogs, baking – it doesn’t get any better. Cheers!

    • katie

      Thanks so much Sandy! I just checked out your blog and I love it. I especially love your montage of food photos. And yes, what goes better together than cupcakes, dogs, and baking, right?


  14. rhooby

    my grandbabies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so beeyouteeful!!!!!! and the photographer has done a fabulous job!

  15. Dick Slattery

    Cool, cool, cool. Yep, Justice likes it but Libby is the one! She’s very chilled out with the whole thing. I don’t think she minds at all. She’s just in a more tranquil mood! Take care,

  16. Edwin

    I miss my Shirou…

  17. OMG they’re BOTH adooooorable! 😀 but i ❤ the 2nd one!!! that is ONE – AMAZING – pic! 😀 what are their names?

  18. givenchance

    i like the second dog more. do not know even why. she (or is it he?) looks sad. wow! bravo! nice photos!

  19. Pets make great subjects. I pet sit and used all of my clients pets to learn how to use my camera. Since then I’ve used these pictures to accompany my blog posts here:

    and my articles here:

  20. marilyn

    late to the party, but YAY! happy camera, too!

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