your love is like bad medicine…

Okay, not really. I’m just not clever enough to think of a better title for this post. So, why don’t we just go with that deep Bon Jovi lyric and move on.
Shall we?

This week’s subject for the latest photo challenge is medicine.

I don’t really take any medications (other than my latest arthritis medication) so I don’t have that many photographic options.

I do however have Tylenol on hand. Unfortunately, the angle (no pun intended) I went for didn’t really pan out. The pills are in a mint container, which explains that white dusty substance. What I really wanted to show was medicine as candy, but I just never could quite get the shot. So here we are.

Tylenol where mints should be.

It’s not great, but it’ll do.



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2 responses to “your love is like bad medicine…

  1. rhooby

    well, don’t beat yourself up on this one. at first glance, i thought “yum!! katie’s put up some kind of candy since it’s getting close to halloween.” well, it’s not really close to halloween and it’s not candy. but this serves as a reminder as to why children think medicine is candy. now where does that put me??

  2. katie

    the look of the photo actually works for me…i was just bummed I couldn’t make the candy shot happen. Oh well. Still have 47 more weeks of photos to take! 🙂

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