gettin’ antsy


Halloween just may be my favorite holiday ever. Weird, I know, but I think it has more to do with the weather than anything else. I’m convinced that because I was born in October, I have some strange connection to Autumn. It is in fact the single greatest season we have. So, I’m thinking that’s why I love Halloween so much.
Well, that and the candy and decorations.

I realize it’s only September 20th, but I am already thinking about Halloween…
the pumpkin(s) I’m going to carve, (hopefully better than last year)..
the cookies I’m going to bake..
the decorations I’m going to hang..
and the drinks I’m going to make.

I simpy cannot wait.
Is it wrong to get so antsy for a holiday?
I didn’t think so either.



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5 responses to “gettin’ antsy

  1. rhooby

    is that last year’s jackolantern?

    • Dick Slattery

      I’m like Rhoob! Is that jack-o-lantern last year’s???
      If I’d known you loved Halloween so much I’d have painted you a ceramic one! Now, a bit of past history. Before we moved to Tuscaloosa (around the first of November, 1979) we had a birthday party for you. The theme was “Halloween”. It was the best party we ever gave you and you truly loved every morsel of food you stuffed into your precious little body! Jen was one and into everything, but she, too, sat still for the “Halloween treats”. Remind me to find the pictures and show them to you next time you’re home.
      Buenos recuerdos, ¿no?

  2. katie

    it is. sad, huh? maybe this year i can have some help carving the old pumpkin…you know, if your son would like to help.. 🙂

  3. rhooby

    tell him to get to work!!!!!

  4. katie

    This year he will. I have faith…

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