My life….sort of.

Sometimes I feel like Chandler Bing. No one really understands what it is I do for a living. I don’t necesarily have reports called WENUS, but I do work with ACR’s and makegoods. Again, doesn’t make sense, right?

I tend to use the Billy Crystal line from “City Slickers” saying that I sell air. Yeap, I get crickets…

So when I saw this video pop up in my inbox today, I decided I would take this opportunity to share with you out in internetland the story of my (work) life.

I hope you enjoy this half as much as I did.



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4 responses to “My life….sort of.

  1. shutterboo

    Sweet! “Yeah, I know I ordered 4 spots but you told me I’d get 75% clearance… but I cleared at 100%. That tells me I’m paying too much – are you over-charging me on this rate? We need to talk bonus spots, maybe a little added value.”
    Lately, I just amuse myself. Feel free to ignore the insanity that comes from my mouth.
    PS-Thank you for sharing that!

  2. katie

    I just read your comment aloud to my cubemate and she laughed out loud! Boo, I knew you’d appreciate that little number!

  3. shutterboo

    Your video talks more on “general” buying which I am not. I focus on the direct response, the bottom of the barrel, the left overs… but the video was funny to see how it would be our thinking process for work was applied to real life situations. I e-mailed it to my BossLady. 🙂

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