red – redone


This one might be a little bit better and a little less radioactive.

Still not exactly what I wanted though….
photography is a real pain in the neck sometimes. Fun projects shouldn’t be this stressful.



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5 responses to “red – redone

  1. shutterboo

    I really like this one. It’s very soft… like rain is falling. And don’t stress! Just do what I do and take 237 photos of red things!

    • katie

      thank you! it really is all about the extra touches though. that’s why i’m dying for photoshop….oh yeah and a nice camera too. 😉

  2. I like your shot. Since Photoshop is crazy expensive, I’ve been using the GIMP ( It’s very similar and because it’s open source, it’s free!

  3. rhooby

    i agree with shutterboo. it’s a very soft photo and it makes me feel happy!!

  4. katie

    Rhoob, I love that rain makes you happy! Come for a visit! It hasn’t stopped raining in days. We’re actually contemplating building our own ark.

    And Mrs. Rev, thank you so much for the GIMP info. I cannot wait to try it out this weekend.

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