I’m mean

Surely it’s no surprise that I have a mean streak running through my body. I mean let’s be honest, I’m a girl. I’m catty and judgemental. It’s who I am.

Now, I need to vent…
Can I tell you something? (Remember, this is me being mean and catty…)
Okay…here goes…

Websites with titles like –


flat out annoy the crap out of me.
They do.
I mean why?
Why do you have to go there?
We get it. You’re happy. Great, good for you. But some of us like to be miserable. Hello, have you never heard the saying “misery loves company”? No one wants to hear about how happy you are. Not now anyway. We’re all too busy wallowing in our own self pity.

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I go take a photo of my dog.

*website names were changed to protect the annoying.



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3 responses to “I’m mean

  1. shutterboo

    mylifeisponiesandrainbows.com *barf*

  2. katie

    okay that seriously made me laugh.

  3. Mary T.

    I totally agree. I love the blogs that are about how blessed their lives are and how great being a mother is and they couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Well, heck, being a mother is a pain in the butt sometimes. And I can think of ALOT of times I’d rather be having a glass of wine with friends than reading a book to my child. Just plain honesty is what I want. I love my husband, child, etc… but it just isn’t normal to be happy ALL the time!!!

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