yes, please

martini at st regis

i mentioned a week or so ago that i was partaking in a weekly photo challenge. this week’s challenge was “cocktail”.
i was lucky enough to have friends that will share in my photo adventures, so i dragged them to a lovely fancy bar just to get “the shot”.

the martini above was one of many and not even the one i selected for the challenge. of course i only just doctored up the photo above a few hours ago so it didn’t look that appealing before.

but now that it’s up there, i’m thinking i’d like one…
because let’s be honest, martinis are good.
and dirty martinis are best.



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5 responses to “yes, please

  1. rhooby

    that looks so yummy. and i don’t like martinis and i don’t like olivers.

  2. katie

    oh but they are so good! i may have to make a vermouth run later…
    or i can just wait for my dad to make me one next weekend.

  3. Dick Slattery

    A Martini should be crystal clear! Use Boodles Gin and Martini & Rossi Dry vermouth. Spear your olives through the side and not the pimiento! I’m leery of drinking any martini on which the olives float!

    • katie

      oh pops…such a martini perfectionist!
      remember though, i use vodka not gin…i know, i’m going to hell for that. and i think the olives fell into the martini…and i’m pretty sure they took the pimientos out.
      did i mention this was at the st. regis hotel? they should know better!

  4. Geez, that’s unebeievabll. Kudos and such.

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